the title means plump (potato tank)

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Monthly Update:


Hi everyone.


Thank for visiting my blog.

Today I got an email from blog-administration, which told me I haven't updated this blog for a month and asked me to write something I would be interested in.


So I start updating 3rd month result of my Japanese blog as ポメスパンツァー, which is the title of the blog.


  • How about my 3rd month of blog activity?




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【Life hack in Japan】Tips for eating out with foreign friends in Japan


Hey guys,


My name is Kitarou(in Japanese, キタロー)


So, I haven't updated this blog for long time.

(I don't know if someone visits my English/German ver. Blog. haha)


Today I would like to show some Tips for resonamble eat out plan.




  • Table
  • How to find a restaurant in Japan
  • Why should Japanese take care of vegetarians?
  • What is Torikizoku and why?
  • How about Kin-no-Kura?
  • What are Okonomiyaki or Kushikatsu?
  • Why do western bar come at the end?
  • Summary


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Just Update :my daily life

Dear visitors in this blog.


today I just update my daily life to keep this blog

Nowa days I also write in my Japanese blog.

the topic is very valuable. So in my Japanese blog I do not keep one special topic, but I wirte about politic, animals, gadget and cultures.

I find my blog very exciting, because the number of visitors have been increasing day by day .


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