the title means plump (potato tank)


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Premium Friday: New Japanese work culture

Hi my friends, Today I would like to share you with new Janpanese campaign for better work condition, which is called "Premium Friday." What is Premium Friday? Only 1% companies accept Premium Friday. My personal Opinion

Monthly Update:

Hi everyone. Thank for visiting my blog. Today I got an email from blog-administration, which told me I haven't updated this blog for a month and asked me to write something I would be interested in. So I start updating 3rd month result of…

【Life hack in Japan】Tips for eating out with foreign friends in Japan

Hey guys, My name is Kitarou(in Japanese, キタロー) So, I haven't updated this blog for long time. (I don't know if someone visits my English/German ver. Blog. haha) Today I would like to show some Tips for resonamble eat out plan. Table…

Just Update :my daily life

Dear visitors in this blog. today I just update my daily life to keep this blog Nowa days I also write in my Japanese blog. the topic is very valuable. So in my Japanese blog I do not keep one special topic, but I wirte about pol…