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Premium Friday: New Japanese work culture


Hi my friends,


Today I would like to share you with new Janpanese campaign for better work condition, which is called "Premium Friday."


 What is Premium Friday?

Premium Friday is a campaign to promote consumer spending advocated by the Japanese government and Japanese business organizations.[1] It is expected to have a favorable effect to the movement to improve work style.


In this meaning, you basically leave the office around 15:00 and go shopping, drinking or spending time with family.

But this is recommended only last Friday each month.


Japanese goverment adopted this campaign last year and it has started since last February in 2017.


But, is this system really effective for japanese people to accelerate consumption on shopping?


Only 1% companies accept Premium Friday.

According to a statistic, which was made by Japanese goverment, only 1% companies accept this Campaign.


If there were 10,000 companies in Tokyo, only employees in 100 companies can enjoy after 15:00 life last Friday in each month.


Do you think this makes sense for Japanese economics? 


this happenes bacause last days of a month are basically 

very important for workers and employees are too busy to end their job until 15:00 . 


I guess it is same to other contries.


For sales persons, last week of a month is significant timing to get  "contract" for sales.


Why did Japanese goverment decied to implement Premium Friday?


Becase goverment officers have nothing to do at the end of month.


Yeah, they just thought of themselvers. 

Goverment want to finish their jobs "more quickly" to enjoy their time in earlier timing.


My personal Opinion

For me personally, this system should not be stopped. 


However Government should support companies more financially, giving some commissions from taxes. 


Without supports, comany can not stop their cycles to organize their business.


Goverment should enter business more.


Thank you for your reading.


Kitarou GmbH