the title means plump (potato tank)


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Monthly Update:


Hi everyone.


Thank for visiting my blog.

Today I got an email from blog-administration, which told me I haven't updated this blog for a month and asked me to write something I would be interested in.


So I start updating 3rd month result of my Japanese blog as ポメスパンツァー, which is the title of the blog.






How about my 3rd month of blog activity?


Today I will update in Japanese blog, however I will show the result here in advance . Haha

you, who check this article, are the first person with Kitarou's blog activity.


  1. totaly 15,062 page view
  2. about 4,000 Yen profit
  3. presents from other co-bloggers and some invisibles 


Have you ever heard of Amazon present list?

in the page of, you can add your wishes to the list.

And you can show the list online like in blog articles.


If you are lucky or you have any enthusiastic fans, you also can receive your wish by you, yourself.


This month I received totaly 4 presents from my blog visitors.


One is mouth for PC.

One is PC desk.

One is a book about Euro-amerika risk caused by Trump shock.

One is a pack of coffee.


I am really happy to get them through blog activities.


some people might think I am like poor person.


But I also gift other blogers thorugh Amazon present list.


With this activity, we can communicete with unnkown persons online, who we cannot get to know in daily life.

In my opinion, this is one advantage of blog activity. Of course due to same reason, we have t o be careful of imaginable cyber-crimes.


I am a human,  I have knowlege, I have ever had bad experiences of internet.

So I personally can still survive in blog world.

I hope this is my strongness.


yeah, I wanna improve this KPI.


Next Target of blog activity.


I would like to try monetize blog activity.

Now i attach some ad in my articles. 

It makes click-margin and when a certain amount is stocked , the money will be charged on your bank acccount.


click margin is acctually very low, so it will ve long way until enough money.


I am still challenger and if you are interested in blog activity, please keep in contact for developing our blogs!


See you next time.