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【Life hack in Japan】Tips for eating out with foreign friends in Japan


Hey guys,


My name is Kitarou(in Japanese, キタロー)


So, I haven't updated this blog for long time.

(I don't know if someone visits my English/German ver. Blog. haha)


Today I would like to show some Tips for resonamble eat out plan.






How to find a restaurant in Japan

First of all, please check the line below to easily understand, because my English is very broken and sometimes too tough to grasp.

these ideas are basicaly from my personal experiences.

If you do not find these correct, do not hesitate to let me know.

  1. Ask if your friend(or you) are in Japan for the first time.
  2. Be careful, if you are vegetarian.
  3. Ask where or in which type of retaurant your firend like
  4. in the case of Sushi or Yakitori, just cheap sushi restaurant with moving machine or izakaya should be fine.
  5. If foreigners don't have no idea, everything should be really fine.(Nothing is disliked.) 
  6.  especially, Torikizoku(鳥貴族) would be pleased 
  7. If you like Nomihoudai (2 hours free drinking), Kin-no-kura should be nice.
  8. If your friend is enough accomed to Japanese food, you can take ideas of Okonomiyki, Kushikatsu!
  9. After 1st round, Bar or Pub would make foreigners relaxed and feel comfortable, which give them the home feeling atmosphere.


Now what?


I go deeply into the points mentioned above.


Why should Japanese take care of vegetarians?

It is very simple.

We do not have such culture in Japan.

Of course, some of us do not eat meet, but the reason is that they are crazy for keeping the shape.

Those poeple do not like getting weight, so they hesitate to eat meet, moreover they often eat just once in a day.

This idea is miracle


What is Torikizoku and why?

Toriki (torikizoku) is very famous chain izakaya restaurant in japan.

Advantages are.......

  1. cheap
  2. enough satisfying quality (sorry not the best )
  3. kindly variaou food menu.


If you go to izakaya, you firstly get problems for what to choose.

It has too much menu in the list, so you cannot pick up what you would like.


However Toriki has just simple list which has images and whose variation is not too huge.

And cheap. All food and drink cost 280 yen (about 2.5 dollar, 2.5 Euro)


Therefore I recommend toriki.


If you are more interested, check the link below.↓↓

How about Kin-no-Kura?

Kin-no-kura is also a famous chain izakaya in Japan.


The strongness is free drinking service called nomihoudai.(of course it costs)


the average price is around 1,500 Yen (basically 2 hours)


In other retaurant you cannot choose only nomihoudai.

You should choose some course menu at the same time.

As long as I know, Kin-no-kura is the best to find in the city and easy to go inside.



I also attach the link below, just check it.


What are Okonomiyaki or Kushikatsu?

Just google it! haha

Okonomiyaki - Wikipedia

Kushikatsu - Wikipedia

As to my personal experiences, foreign people love Japanese okonomiyaki sauce and Kushikatsu sauce.

As we know, these sauce terribly match Japanese food .


For 2nd Phase, these ideas would help you.


Why do western bar come at the end?

That is very simple.

After lots of talking or active communication at seat, you should be tired.

but you wanna keep drinking.


In that case western style bar can make them somehow relaxed even with alcohol.


In Japan you can find HUB everywhere in large cities.



How was my article today?

If you had been to Japan, you might alredy know these info.

But you can also utilise this iteas, when you foreigners hold a party or nomikai in Japan!


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