the title means plump (potato tank)


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Just Update :my daily life

Dear visitors in this blog.


today I just update my daily life to keep this blog

Nowa days I also write in my Japanese blog.

the topic is very valuable. So in my Japanese blog I do not keep one special topic, but I wirte about politic, animals, gadget and cultures.

I find my blog very exciting, because the number of visitors have been increasing day by day .



But I do not mean my blog is exciting. I need to say what I do now makes me excited.

It feels like  I finally find my hobby.


Until now I could not think I ever had a hobby and my daily life was boring.

But now it is somehow better than before.

I can deal with this hobby and make me focued on the activity.


I am not alway at home for blogging, I go out in a Cafe to write  articles and go sightseeing to find a topic of blogging 


Therefore I think my life became more active than before.

I hope I can keep what I am now.


Thank you for your reading.