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To give up easily (after three days): Mikka-bozu:


So I haven't written articles for long time . From today I would like to restart to write essays in English, German and Japanese.

I just came up with this idea, beucase I am also the person, who are like so.

Today's Topic

In Japan it is often said "Mikka-bozu ", which directly translated as "three day boy" or "three day Buddhist." (I don't know if the direct translation is also correct, but it is just for image so that you can understand my poor explanation.)


The proverb is said to persons, who don't have severances to keep something for long time. e.g you started to get up early at 7: 00 to jog around the park before going to school. But it doesn't continue until it is third day, then you are still dreaming on 7:00 and barely arrive in the classroom in time. In this way you give up easily and we call such guys Mikka-bozu.

The Origin of the word

Long time ago,  When people did not succeed in their businnes and needed to face with the recession, struggled to get the today's meal to survive the day, they went to temple to be a buddhist.  People began to worship to budda and to become Buddhist in the temple. Praying help live, get food, stay under the celling, they always believed they were relieved from their pain just believing in the doctrine of buddhisms . But it was of course not so easy as they thought.

The training to become Buddhist was pretty too hard to keep doing, which means you can eat hardly during training which lasts not  for few days, but for many years, and you musst follow lots of rules regulate your freedom.


So they could not keep up with the training and ran away from the temple after three days.

That is the so called original story of mikka bozu.
I will update other proverbs step by steps.

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