the title means plump (potato tank)

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To give up easily (after three days): Mikka-bozu:


So I haven't written articles for long time . From today I would like to restart to write essays in English, German and Japanese.

I just came up with this idea, beucase I am also the person, who are like so.

Today's Topic

In Japan it is often said "Mikka-bozu ", which directly translated as "three day boy" or "three day Buddhist." (I don't know if the direct translation is also correct, but it is just for image so that you can understand my poor explanation.)

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Revival from long absence.

Hi  Thank you for your visiting my blog.


 I was too concentrated on my another blog written in Japanese until when I am enough ready to start writng  here again.


Actually  I wanna write articles here in German and separate more into German ver. blog and English ver. blog.


But unfortunately it is still hard for me to organise three blogs at the same time. 

So, from now on, both English and German articles will be written here and mixed somehow confusing.


Anyway if you are interested in reading my blogs, it would make me happy.

and please correct my English, because I often make mistakes, even though I used to communicating with foreign business colleagues in Europe.


Later I will update one another article, so I hope your kind visting my blogs.


Thank you again,  for your reading 




Google Übersetzung entwickelt sich

Letzten Tag hat Google in eigenem Blog einen Artikel geschriben. Es geht um bessere Übersetzungen. Unten sieht man einen Link und noch Mehr Details stehen da.

Also, hat das Internetunternehmen neue Manchine eingestellt, die neural translation machine heißt. Sie verstehet  


Der offizielle Google Produkt-Blog: Found in Translation: Bessere, flüssigere Sätze mit dem Google Übersetzer






Okay sehen wir groß...




siehts du?



 Das beudeutet, das ist ein als Fake gemachtes Foto. 



ich habe einfach in der Seite Google Translation versucht ob das funktioniert.




Oh man.

das ist nur Fishing.


押すなよ(o su na yo ) bedeutet, don't push.

Also ist es hier wörtlich übersetzt.

Oh schade.


naja trotzdem hatte ich einen kleinen Spaß, um Zeit zu schmeißen.


Ich schreibe weiter ab und zu .



Bis dann ne